Mentoring Retail Investors

to invest in the right stock at the right price and for the right time.

Do you want to make money in the share market? If your answer is yes don’t worry,I am with you. Trading or investing – isn’t easy. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but a good mentor can help you move in the right direction, and that’s why I’m here. I’m here to guide, with honesty, simplicity, transparency (even sharing contract notes openly) and easy to understand language.

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Welcome to smartmoneyincome A community of Indian Retail Investors and we are honoured and excited to have you as part of this community.

Step 1: Get to Know Me

If you’re wondering who is behind smartmoneyincome or who is Sivam Nirmal, be sure to check out my about page to read my complete story behind

My name is Nirmal  Patnaik, I am a trader, investor, consultant, youtuber and blogger. I mentor Indian retail investors to understand how market works so they can invest in the right stock at the right price and at the right time.

I am retired hospitality professional and have no trading experience and not from financial background and always wanted to be in equity market more as an investor. There is so much of misleading information and myths about trading and investing and share my experince transparently how I trade and invest in market to build wealth.

You can contact me or ask me questions. I love to interact with you. Just be patient as I reply personally to my blog

Step 2: Be part of the community

I normally publish one to two new articles and youtube videos every week. Make sure you don’t miss my newest articles and so, you can subscribe to my blog via e-mail.

Our Facebook page has over 15,000 amazing Indian retail traders and investors and I’d love you to be a part of it as well. I share news and links to things I love as well as my latest articles.

Step 3: Be an expert Trader or Investor

If you want to make money from the market, you have to understand the market and cannot just rely on someone else to help you. You have to get that done yourself and it is neither your stock broker nor any stock tips providers who will help you make money from the market.

If you are already trading am sure you have lost some money in market. Be honest and answer these question.

  • Have you invested in the right stocks?
  • Were those stocks purchased at the right price?
  • Do you know when is the right time to sell them?

So what is your biggest fear in market? Maybe you feel like this reader:

To answer the question of biggest fear, I think it is not knowing the correct price for buying/selling a stock. Not having enough knowledge to back the trading decisions so that there is conviction in the trade. This invariably leads to panic and eventually in loss in the trade.

Do you know that most Indian retail investors  to lose money in the market?


Yes it’s quite an eye opener truth that you need to know.

Let me  explain.

Money is neither created nor lost in market, it is a zero sum game (excluding the brokerage and exchange costs) which means someone has to loose money if others are making profit in it because the sum total of all the money in the market is the sum total of all the money invested by all the market trader and investors.

In simple terms, it means investing in market does not print money for people making a profit from the market. If someone is taking a profit out of the market, it is at the cost of someone else losing his hard earned money in the market.

But because there are millions of participants in an exchange, you don’t realise it.

You invested and made profit. It means you purchased a stock at a lower price and sold at a higher price. The person who brought it from you is anticipating it will go even higher (like you anticipated when you purchased it from someone) and the person last in the chain which is more often a retail investor will have to either remain invested for an elongated period of time to break even or get tired and eventually book a loss.

If large investors or FII’s want to be making big profits in market, hundreds and thousands of small retail investors needs to remain invested and loose money in the market for those big investors to make profits.

Have you ever wondered why big investment houses share their views about particular stocks on news channels? Why do they share their research about outperform / under perform for any particular stocks? What do they gain out of it?

If you are willing to learn and manage your money your own way and don’t want to be relying on others to help you make money in market, you are at the right place

Step 4: Get Involved

I have created this blog and youtube channel so you don’t have to go through all my blog articles to find the best and the most relevant content for you.

  • Wealth Building Portfolio – A report I share each month of the progress of wealth building portfolio of stocks and mutual fund position added with reasons and contract notes to remain fully transparent. I also share important lessons I learn along with the plans for the upcoming month.

Mutual Funds

  • How to Diversify Investment With Mutual Funds – Categorize the mutual funds and invest into as many category of mutual funds as possible to make mutual fund portfolio well diversified.
  • Mutual Fund Direct Vs Regular Plans – Indian retail Investors are not able to differentiate between regular and direct plan for investing in a mutual fund and so let me explain what it means and when you should be using which one.
  • 7 Most Ignored Mutual Fund Criteria For Smarter Mutual Fund Investments – Mutual fund investment is making Indian retail investors life simpler but knowing these 7 ignored criteria about mutual funds can help investing in mutual fund even simpler.
  • Classification of Mutual Funds – I am sure many have heard about the terms like Open Ended, Close Ended funds and I have explained them in Mutual Funds Terms but today I will do the complete classification of all type of funds.


  • Diversifying Your Portfolio – Everything You Need to Know About Diversification – Understand diversification and see why Indians crave for portfolio diversification and help you diversify your portfolio even if you know very little about the market.
  • Types of Mutual Funds – How to Really Diversify Investment Portfolio – Categorize the mutual funds and invest into as many category of mutual funds as possible to make mutual fund portfolio well diversified.


  • The 7 Basic Principles of Trading in Market – The 7 basic rules to trading in market that every trader should follow. You just cannot profit in market without knowing them.
  • How to Select The Right Stock for Day Trading? – Even if you don’t want to be day trading, knowing how it is being used by traders can help you invest at a better price on any given day.
  • 5 Best Trading Advice I Could Ever Give – The best 5 trading advice that you will ever need to read and follow to become successful in market.


  • Why Just Being a Long Term Investor Even In Blue Chip Companies Is not Enough – Investing in market is not all about remaining invested in market or invest in blue chip stocks and hold for at least 5 to 10 years?
  • 5 Common Mistakes When You Follow Warren Buffet Quotes On Social Media To Invest in Market – When share price goes down by 5% I buy and exit at profit of 20%. I am not seeing any profit in my portfolio and so can you tell me what the hell am I doing wrong.
  • 5 Best Investment Advice I Could Ever Give – The best 5 investment advice that you will ever need to read and follow to become successful investor in market.

Picking Right Stocks

  • How I Find Stock For Investing – The Complete Process With Examples – How I generate investment ideas in the Indian growth story, what sectors I totally avoid along with the tools I use to find that perfect investment opportunity.
  • 9 Investment Checklist I Follow Before Investing In Any Stock – Here is my ultimate checklist that I always follow before considering any business for investing.
  • What One Should Look For In A Company When Evaluating a Business? – The stock should pass my investment checklist and fundamental analysis before getting into these business checklists before I consider it for an investment.


  • Zerodha and upstox Review – My Experiment with 100,000 Rupees – I hardly could find any information or review about the portfolio management services online and so I was only left with doing the experimentation myself. In my recent review about stock brokers my top pick was zerodha and so I thought let us experiment  and see.
  • PowerYourTrade Review – Facts and Hidden Truth – Review of PowerYourTrade Multibagger Stock Tips Service along with hidden truth about 2000% gained stock ideas that you see on the website.

Fundamental Analysis

  • Fundamental and Technical Analysis – Everyday when you watch TV for Financial news you specially hear couple of terms very frequently aka Fundamental and Technical analysis and today I would try to explain them in very newbie’s terminology for every one to refer to.
  • Understanding Fundamental Analysis – What we all know is completely wrong – What we all know about fundamental analysis from watching news channels is completely wrong. Understand the fundamentals of fundamental analysis.

Technical Analysis

  • How I Use Technical Analysis of Nifty for Longer Term Investing – For longer-term investment fundamental analysis is preferred over technical analysis but see how I use technical analysis for longer-term investments to find the right time to invest in the right stock and at the right price.
  • How to Trade Against the Market Trend – I don’t recommend trading against the trend but if you know what you are doing you can deal with it in a better way.
  • How Chart Pattern Repeats by Itself – The basic principle of technical analysis is History and pattern repeat by itself and see how Hindalco follows the same Chart pattern of better than expected result.
  • Learn From My Trading Mistake – No one can predict the market each time; every time and you tend to make mistakes all the time. An Important thing is you learn from those mistakes and move forward. I did a horrible trading mistake. The mistake reminded me few of my trading lessons. Learn from my mistake.

Investment Analysis

  • Being Debt Free: The 5 Point Strategy For Every Indian To Getting Out of Debt – Are you concerned about your Debt? If you are, that’s the right thing to be doing but now let me tell you how you can strategically come out of it.
  • Is Insurance an Investment Option? – The Question comes to me many a times and I always suggest them few of my articles where I have shared the answer in bits and pieces but today I will answer this question with all the possible options and outcomes.

Personal Finance

  • How to Manage Credit Cards Efficiently? – The process that I follow to Manage my Credit Cards and make thousands of Rupees out of it each year.
  • Home Loan Or House Rent – How to Make The Right Choice – Should opt for home loan or go for a rented house? Let me share what analysis should be used to make the right choice for yourself – Home Loan or House Rent.

Investment Psychology

  • Understanding Investment Psychology When Investing in Market – What if a stock you invested into is a wrong investment and you know for sure it is a mistake but are not comfortable booking a loss? Answer lies in understanding the investment psychology.
  • How to Book Market Losses Without Having Sleepless Nights – Booking a loss is so difficult that at times it is easy to quit the market keeping the loss making stocks in the portfolio than to book losses. The process I follow makes booking a losses lot easier than it seems without averaging down the stock.

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