Ask Me Anything

 Feel free to ask me anything you like on trading and investing. I will reply personally to each and every mail and question and so do expect some delay in reply from me. Looking forward to your questions.

Here are some common questions asked by  readers.

Is technical analysis really useful?

Technical analysis works for me and I am sure if it can work for me, it can work for anybody because I am from an IT background and is doing fairly well with technical analysis. The right way is you should be learning them and not just know them which is what most of the Indian retail investors do.

Just to give you a hint here are 10 of my articles for you to read on Technical Analysis.

Should I trade myself or through advisories?

Always invest yourself and as no one can make you money for few hundred per month and it does not work that way see my views about PowerYourTrade. It is not only the stock tippers that don’t work and even PMS does not work either. See why here

What are tips and tricks to do futures, options and commodities trading?

I don’t trade in futures, options or in commodities and I only trade in cash market as trading in those market means you trade with margin and I am against margin trading.

Can trading be a full time career? How much minimum capital is required?

Yes you can make a full time career if you know how and here is my answer to that big how.

Capital depends on how much you want to be making but expect returns in range of 10 to 15 % only and not more than that. I am yet to get such results on consistent basis for an elongated period of time.

I have read that the early you start investing the more easy it will be to build the corpus. I own a 1BHK flat on my name and will be paying the EMI for next 14 years.

I don’t believe in investment when you have a loan where you can invest and be financially independent. So my personal preference will always be to invest in a loan and get the debt reduced as soon as possible. If you can reduce your 14 years debt in 5 to 7 years or so, you can invest then and still build on your corpus then.

Stay Invested or Pay Back Home Loan?