The Best Multi-Cap Fund to Invest in 2020

We will find the best multi-cap mutual fund to invest in 2020 and review the performance of our choice of best multi-cap fund of 2019.

A multi-cap fund is a mutual fund that can invest irrespective of the market cap of the companies. The advantage a multi-cap fund over a large-cap or mid-cap fund is – it doesn’t have a limitation to the amount of exposure it can take in a mid-cap company in the rising market or a restriction of a mid-cap fund to move to large-cap stocks in a falling market.

So it is a balancing act between the large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap fund taking the best of both the world.

The multi-cap fund has an undue advantage, but it also means if the fund manager is on the wrong side of the call, it can underperform very heavily as well.

Still, when the decision to choose more allocation to mid-cap or large-cap is with the fund manager, it can be more beneficial to the investor as they are more equipped to make better decisions in the market.

Still, I think, it is better to do it yourself, check out:

Best Large Cap Funds To Invest in 2020Best Midcap Fund to Invest in 2020, along with the Best Small Cap Fund to Invest in 2020.

The Top Multi-Cap Funds for 2020

The process we will use is- from the 4 and 5 star rated direct multi-cap funds by ValueResearchOnline, we will choose the funds that can outperform in 2020.

We selected only the funds with more than 5000Cr AUM or assets under management.

Now for all the funds, let’s make the table for allocation to Giant cap, large-cap, midcap, and small-cap.

Kotak Standard Multicap5617242
Motilal Oswal Multicap 35672471
ABSL Equity5221206
Axis Focused 257014140
SBI Magnum MultiCap5315227
SBI Focused Equity4613337

*All data as per ValueResearchOnline as on 26Jan2020

Best Multi-cap Fund to Invest in 2020

From the above table, depending on your view for 2020, one should select the best multi-cap fund to invest in 2020.

There are two schools of thought, and let me share them first.

  1. As Indian GDP growth is on the slower side, the large-cap companies will do well and take the market cap from the midcap companies.
  2. As the Indian GDP growth recovers, the mid-cap segment of the market will do well in the future, whereas large-cap will consolidate.

Depending on what is your view, you should select the best multi-cap fund. I am of the view; the mid-cap segment will do well. So my best multi-cap fund is

Kotak Standard Multicap

Yes, I agree the best allocation of mid-caps is in the SBI Focused Equity fund, but then there are two SBI funds in the Multicap segment, which may consolidate going forward, and it may end up having 22% allocation in mid-caps.

So I will go with Kotak Standard Multicap Fund.

Axis Focused 25

For those who are of the view, large-cap will continue to outperform the best multi-cap fund for 2020 has to be Axis Focused 25.

How Well The Best Multi-Cap Fund of 2019 Performed?

The best multi-cap fund of 2019 was Mirae Asset India Equity Fund and Kotak Standard Multicap Fund.

Mirae Asset India Equity Fund has merged and possibly become the large-cap fund, and so there is no point comparing its performance. Large-cap has done well, and so the fund.

Kotak Standard Multicap Fund is even out the best multi-cap fund of 2020 as well, and it has given a return of 18% as compared to the Multi-Cap category return of 15% and S&P BSE 500 Index return of 12%.

The fund has outperformed the underlying index by a considerable margin.

Final Thoughts

Do not switch funds every year and pay the entry and exit load or long term capital gains tax.

In case you have not selected a better performing fund earlier or want to move to a new fund for any other reason (move to regular to direct funds). Don’t exit the investment in the old fund. Just stop the SIP and let the invested amount remain and grow over time in the past funds. Create a new SIP in the new funds.

As always, this isn’t an endorsement of any fund. The emphasis is on the process. The funds may be doing well now, but when you want to be investing, use the same process, and find the best fund at that time to invest. Use ValueResearchOnline and CRISIL as and when you want to invest in 2020.